Types of therapy.

Relational Therapy

What is Relational Therapy?

Relational Therapy, also known as Relational-Cultural Therapy or Relational Psychodynamic Therapy, is an approach to therapy that focuses on the importance of relationships and the impact they have on our emotional well-being. It recognizes that our sense of self and identity is formed within the context of relationships and that healing and growth occur through authentic and empathic connections.

How Does Relational Therapy Work?

Relational Therapy emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between the client and therapist as a vehicle for change. The therapist creates a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their emotions, experiences, and patterns of relating. The therapist pays close attention to the dynamics and interactions that arise in the therapeutic relationship, using them as a way to understand the client's interpersonal struggles and help them develop healthier ways of relating.

Who Can Benefit from Relational Therapy?

Relational Therapy is beneficial for individuals seeking to improve their relationships, understand their relational patterns, and address emotional and interpersonal difficulties. It can be effective for individuals experiencing challenges in intimate relationships, family dynamics, friendships, and work relationships. Relational Therapy is particularly helpful for those who have experienced relational trauma, attachment issues, or a sense of disconnection and isolation.

Why Choose Us for Relational Therapy?

At Glimmer, we are committed to providing Relational Therapy to support individuals in their healing and growth. Our experienced therapists are trained in creating a warm and empathic therapeutic environment where clients can explore their relational patterns, express their emotions, and develop deeper connections. We believe in the power of authentic relationships to facilitate change and strive to help clients build healthier and more satisfying connections both within and outside of therapy. Contact us today to inquire about our Relational Therapy services and take the first step towards transformative change.

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